Catherine Lowe’s ‘dying child’ remark upsets followers

Sean Lowe’s wife, Catherine (Giudici) Lowe upset some of her Instagram followers on Wednesday when she made a joke about a dying child in the caption beneath a video (below) of her noisy dishwasher. Some of her fans thought her comment was hilarious, but others, including a mom who lost her child, did not.

“There is a dying child inside of our dishwasher…” Lowe wrote, obviously trying to make a (bad) joke about the screeching sound inside the appliance.


There is no doubt that she was just trying to be funny, but in light of all of the horrid news headlines about babies dying in hot cars, children drowning in pools, and a parents killing their children in microwaves, you would think Lowe would have some common sense and not post something this sensitive.

One of Lowe’s followers, mrs_terrebone, did not think the post was funny at all. She commented, “I completely understand that it is supposed to be funny and it does sound like a screaming child. However as a mother who’s [sic] child did die I don’t think it’s every acceptable to “joke” using that reference.

  • You’re a good person, but VERY poor choice of words. – alvords2010
  • Um yeah. I know you are sarcastic but that was the wrong choice of words, with 589k followers. #dumbmove – amk0325
  • Morbid not funny cuz it could happen…if you had kids you’d know how eerie this sounds. – mandysoup

Of course, some of her fans, probably the ones that call her a “role model” for some strange reason, tried to keep things light and agreed that their dishwashers sound the same. More than 7,898 people “liked” the post. Apparently they’ve all heard a child dying inside an appliance. So not funny.

Lowe didn’t reply to those who complained about the video. Instead, one hour later she went ahead and posted a photo of some of the “C. Lowe” love notes that she’s been pimping out to her followers.